ICHRA for Small Business

Offer health benefits to your employees— tax-free, and with great savings. 

ICHRA (pronounced “ICK-rah”) gives employers the ability to reimburse employees pre-tax for health insurance premiums and medical expenses.

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Key Benefits of ICHRA

  • Provides more flexibility to the employer who can choose the level of contribution and which class of employees qualify
  • Provides choice to the employee: They no longer have to choose just one plan, and can shop for plans that fit their needs and budget best.
  • Rates are individual market rates, meaning about 15-20% less than the typical group plan
  • A robust network for the Four Corners region
  • Can be offered to full-time, seasonal, or part-time employees
  • Contributions are pre-tax

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*Federal regulations dictate that businesses offering both ICHRA and traditional small group plans at the same time are subject to size requirements. Talk to your broker about these restrictions.

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ICHRA Structure

  • All reimbursements are tax-free
  • To qualify, employee must fall within a designated class set by the employer and use reimbursement towards qualifying plans
  • There is no minimum or maximum employer contribution limit
  • Employers can divide employees into different classes and may offer different contribution amounts for each
  • There is no minimum participation rate for ICHRA*
  • Employers may offer other benefits like dental in addition to ICHRA

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